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Elemental Raiders is a free-to-play turn-based hero battler that combines features from collectible card games and multiplayer RPGs. At Elemental Raiders, you will assemble a team of heroes and create the best deck of skills to fight against raid bosses and other players in the Arena. Defeat your opponents to receive rewards and trade them in the marketplace.

Game Overview

Fight, Win & Earn

Overview Heroe Battler

Hero Battler

A frenetic turn-based hero game combined with significant progression and customization in skills and heroes.
Overview PVP & PVE

PvE & PvP

Assemble a team of Heroes to fight powerful monsters in a PvE scenario, or compete against other players in a PvP Arena.
Overview Rewards

True Ownership

Players earn rewards by winning combats and trading all their in-game assets with other players.


Why live in the shadows?

The Evil Gods and their Titans have come to sack Runaria and destroy anyone who’s after the Elemental Crystals. The heroes from this land unite forces to protect their people and send the evil forces back to where they came from.

How to Play

Learn the Basics

How to Play Heroes

Choose your Heroes

Assemble your team of 3 Elemental Heroes coming from Fire, Water or Nature, playing a crucial role in the gameplay. Combine their roles to build a powerful selection!
How to Play Skill Cards

Pick your skills

Choose your skills with different rarities and effects to defeat your opponents. Use and combine them strategically, managing the mana, the resource that costs to play the skill.
How to play Items

Combine your Items

There are 24 Items that increase the overall stats, improve skills and add different mechanics to the core game. Let's see what the Gods have for you!
How to Play Fight

FIGHT Against powerful enemies

Raids are PvE scenarios where players compete to reach the highest stage fighting monsters.The Arena is a competition between players fighting each other using their teams on a battleground.
How to Play Upgrade Skills

Level Up & Unlock New Features

Obtain in-game resources to upgrade your Heroes’ Skills and make your team more powerful. Levelling up the power of your Team will unlock new Heroes, Skills and features of the game.

Game Economy

Compete for glory

Elemental Raiders is a fully enjoyable and competitive game that can be played for free, but Players can acquire NFT Skins & NFT Skills to receive full ownership of in-game assets and tradability with other players in the Marketplace.
game gold token


Game Gold Tokens are the native cryptocurrency token of the games in the G4AL Ecosystem.

Total Supply

10,000,000,000 $GGT

Ways to Earn

Play: Win combats without needing NFT Skills or NFT SkinsRewards: Opening Chests received as rewards in the game


Buy NFT Skins, NFT Skills, Elemental Crystals & Game ChestsSell $GGT for EC or Fiat in the Marketplace
elemental crystals


Elemental Crystals are the in-game token of Elemental Raiders.

Total Supply

Infinite Supply with burning mechanism

Ways to Earn

Play: Own NFT Skills or NFT Skins & win combatsMarketplace: Sell your in-game assets for EC to other players


Buy NFT Skins, NFT Skills and $GGTUpgrade your NFT Skills


Runestones are the basic currency of Elemental Raiders.

Total Supply

Infinite Supply

Ways to Earn

Win combats without needing NFT Skills or NFT SkinsOpening Chests received as rewards in the game


Level up SkillsPurchase daily offers

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